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Parts - Shell Chair 1 x Eames Side Or Arm Replacement Black Rubber Shock Mount

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Product Description

1 x Single - Herman Miller or Vitra replacement shockmount for an Eames fiberglass arm or side chair (post Zenith - small mounts)

Our Shell Chair Shockmounts are made from a modern PU compound, flexible enough to soak up pressure and vibration, and super durable that will not degrade like old rubber mounts.

We recommend using the BSI IC-2000 Black Rubber glue for the best possible adherence of mounts to fiberglass chairs. 

The shock mount measures 45mm x 45mm x 15mm.


1 - Clean and sand area of original shock mount in preparation. Remove all old glue/rubber

2 - Gently sand back of new shock mount to make slightly abrasive

3 - Clean back of new shock mount and area of application with acetone or white spirit.

4 - Use a base and circle the exact locations on the shell where mounts to be placed

5 - Mix and apply an epoxy glue (JB Weld is one such brand) to the shockmount

5 - Put shock mount into place and use a clamp for at least 24 hours.

Shock Mounts include new screws to ensure complete usability.

We do not take responsibility for any failed fitments. We would always suggest using professionals to fit them. 

More in-depth guidelines are provided with each purchase. For guidance only, we are not responsible for the quality of the work!