Light Oak Replacement Dowel Base For Eames Arm and Side Shell Chairs

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Product Description

This is a sumptuous, in its gorgeous golden stained oak glory, replacement original Herman Miller dowel base for the Eames arm and side fiberglass shell chairs. This popular version of the newer, reintroduced, dowel base is expertly crafted with its metal rod inserts providing additional strength whilst looking amazing.

The base is offered in the standard ‘narrow mount’ configuration, whereby the shells shock mounts are located more to the middle of the shell, which means it will not fit the ‘wide mount’ version where the mounts are positioned closer to the shells edges. The wide mount brackets are available upon request.

The dowel base sits at the original height of roughly 42cm high at the front (highest point) of the base.

The brackets measure:

Front to front 21cm - hole distances (middle to middle): 18.5cm

Back to back 14.5cm - hole distances (middle to middle): 12cm

Front to rear 20cm - hole distances (middle to middle): 17.75cm

If bought in large quantities, bases may be deconstructed – instructions will be provided.