• Picture of Herman Miller Silver H Base

Silver Herman Miller ‘H’ Base for Eames Arm and Side Shell Chairs

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Product Description

Here we have a beautiful silver replacement original, vintage, Herman Miller ‘H’ base for the Eames arm and side fiberglass shells. This base is an original, untouched, H base each base may show different levels of vintage patina than shown on the image - further pics available and are recommended on request.

One of the earliest bases, the ‘H’ base was the second generation of the ‘X’ base and, as a result, kept the same name. It was used quite widely on the Eames Side and Arm shells throughout their production.

This H base is in good used condition with some general signs of age present. Further pictures are available and are recommended before purchasing especially as the feet are replacement ones and not the white glides seen in the listing images.

The rough measurements for the brackets that fit to the shell are:

Front hole to front hole (middle to middle) 18.25cm

Back hole to back hole (middle to middle) 11.75cm

Front hole to back hole (middle to middle) 17.5cm